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Our Team

Our team are a group of people who are amazing at what they do and are crucial to the service we provide. From providing support to ensuring jobs around the site are done, they do fantastic work!

About AppSystems

Application Systems is a new, free to use application system that allows people to create and manage applications on the fly!

From small new up-coming communities to large operational communities, the functionality of Application Systems will change the way you receive applications from your members and ease your workflow. Our systems allow you to chat to your reviewers in real-time to make sure there is always good communication in your team, see who is processing what application, manage your team however you want and provide a clear and easy to use system for both your staff and applicants alike.

All our basic services are free but if and when you need to upgrade your centres, you can purchase account credit at very cheap prices and upgrade your application centre however you want!

If you're a big community that has special requirements, contact our support team who will gladly assist you at [email protected]

So why not give us a try, its free and easy - To get started register an account at

Service Overview

The Dashboard is the home of both your owned centres and centres you review on. The clean design helps you to see the information that counts when reviewing applications. From your total applications to the total applications that are waiting, you can see all the information you need quickly and effectively.

For applicants, making applications couldn't be easier! With a clear and easy to use layout, applicants will find the system flawless and super simple to use. Not only that, AppSystems comes with advanced discord intergrational features that allow for updates on an application to go straight to the applicants Discord DM's.

Throw away Google Forms or whatever the Microsoft one is and use AppSystems to manage your applications. With AppSystems, you can do so much when reviewing applications. From a reviewer-only live chat to advanced application management, AppSystems has everything your community will need to start accepting applications effectively!

With our advanced centre controls, you can make it to fit your needs easily. From managing how applicants receive notifications to centre details and discord intergration, you will find everything you need to manage applications within your community. It doesn't stop there, more features such as Discord Role Granting is one of many more features that are going to be added in the coming weeks!

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